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Cheryl Marks Young

If You Want to Shine, Ditch These Three Phrases

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You want to be successful. You’ve been reading up on the things that set successful people apart from the pack. You’re ready to adopt the habits that will propel you forward. You’ve got a game plan on how to make it all work and it’s a good one. Awesome! Before you go too far, however, let’s talk. The words you choose to use are as important as the actions you take. If you want to be successful, drop these phrases from your vocabulary: “I’ll try” When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world he didn’t say, “Apple is going…

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8 Steps to Cure Imposter Syndrome

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Congrats! Your career has taken a giant leap forward. Your hard work and determination have given birth to new opportunities. You’re taking the mantle of leadership; maybe it was a promotion, or an entrepreneurial venture. Either way, you’ve climbed another rung (or more) up the ladder of your career. Amid all the congratulatory praise and best wishes, however, is a small, nagging voice rising from deep within you. “What will I do when they find out I’m in over my head?” Meet the monster otherwise known as Imposter Syndrome. You’re not alone. First, take heart in knowing that you, by…

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5 Traits that Set Great Leaders Apart

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If you asked a dozen people to describe what makes a great leader, you’d probably get 12 distinct answers. Just as every organization has its own unique culture, the leaders that drive those organizations have specific skill sets and assets that make them the best fit to take that particular helm. What’s working for the leader of Company A, may not necessarily translate as-is to Company B. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t common leadership traits that transcend brand and company personas. In fact, some of the best leaders have a few key traits in common. They Facilitate,…

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Ask for Help Like Your Success Depends on It

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There’s a new opportunity before you. It’s big and it’s exciting. It’s also outside of your wheelhouse. Sure, the skills you’ve worked hard to hone will be useful. You’ve got the foundational pieces you need to tackle this endeavor, but there’s also a lot you don’t know. It’s a bit intimidating. At this point you have two choices: You can admit what you don’t know and look for the resources to support your success, or you can pass on this opportunity in favor of staying in your comfort zone. If the latter means you’ve settled for second best, you may…

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Job Hunting When Your Resume isn’t Goldilocks

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You just finished reading “Love Your Life: Cultivating Your Vision and Tending Your Dreams.” You completed the exercises in the book and have come to the realization that you’ve reached a point in your career where it’s time to shake things up. You’re ready to take a chance and toss your hat into the ring for that supervisory position that was just posted. Maybe it’s something more than that and you’re ready to stretch into an entirely new direction and pursue a different field altogether. Either way, there’s a hurdle you need to jump: Your work experience doesn’t exactly match…

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Master (Life) Gardening 101: Those Dreams Aren’t Going to Grow Themselves

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Think about the first time you planted a garden. You started by tilling the soil. You might have added compost to bolster the nutrients in the ground. You placed the plants, gently resting them in their new spaces, and filling the remaining bits of each hole with healthy soil. You might have placed mulch around the tender plants and given your new garden a good, healthy initial watering. If that’s the last you tended to your garden, it likely didn’t thrive. If there’s one thing even the most novice of gardeners knows it’s this: gardening is an ongoing process. As…

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“Who has Time for Vacation?” You do!

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The person standing in line behind you at the coffee shop is prattling on about her upcoming vacation plans. Her trip sounds just like the recent ad you lingered over earlier that morning. Her friend chimes in with the details of her pending getaway. It seems to be that time of year when time-off requests are as common as trips to the water cooler. “Must be nice,” you think. “Who really has time for such things? Certainly not me.” Your calendar is chock-full of commitments. There’s work – both your full-time job and the side-gig you’re trying to get off…

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You are the Master Gardener of Your Life

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As the days have gotten longer and warmer, backyard gardeners have rolled up their sleeves and plunged their hands into soil to prepare for the new growing season. Before plants were placed in the ground, those with the greenest of thumbs began their task by testing the soil to determine what supplements were needed to support the plants they want to grow. They were also thinking about which plantings work well together, not just aesthetically, but chemically as well. Studies have shown that some plants impart certain nutrients to the soil that others thrive on. So, knowing how two plants…

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6 Post-Fail Steps to Rebuild Your Confidence

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You had a brilliant idea. It really was brilliant. You did your homework. You crafted a solid pitch. The boss gave you the green light to go ahead and put your plan into action. You worked at it. You honed it. This was your baby and it was going to be awesome. And then it wasn’t. It fell flat. What was pure genius on paper didn’t translate through execution. It happens. You know it happens. You’re a champion of others who are willing to take risks and try to move the ball further down the field. Speed bumps and flops,…

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8 Benefits Your Mentor is Reaping

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Having a mentor is invaluable. You know that. You’ve built your network to include several mentors who support, guide, and encourage you. You’ve reaped the rewards. Your mentor(s) has expertly walked that delicate balance of inspiring you while simultaneously helping to keep you grounded. You have no doubt that you have gotten where you are today due in part to your mentor. What you might not realize, however, is that the mentor-mentee relationship is one of mutual benefit. Your support network gets as much benefit out of helping guide you as you get from it. Improved Listening Skills Good mentors…

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