More than Child’s Play: The Benefits of Letting Loose and Having Fun

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You’re staring intently at the space on the table in front of you. The others sitting with you are also focused on the same space to you. You frown. Rub your temple. “Hmm,” you mutter. Then it hits you. “Yes!” You’ve got the solution!  No, you didn’t just solve a work-related conundrum. You’re plunking a set of wooden tiles down on the Scrabble board to turn someone else’s “ox” contribution into “orthodox.” Even better, one of those letters now rests on a triple-word-score tile. Eureka! Sound familiar? If not, you need to keep reading. The word “play” often conjures up…

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Work-on-the-Go: Creating a Functional Nomadic Office

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Technology has created a plethora of perks in our professional lives. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is flexibility. Armed with our laptops, cell phones, and Wi-Fi, we can hammer out a proposal from our home office, pull together a presentation in the hotel before heading over to the client’s HQ for a meeting (slides on the laptop in our bag!), or share a draft business plan with our mentor at the coffee shop over a pumpkin spice latte and a scone. Having a dedicated office space is important. However, having the flexibility to enjoy a sunny day by working…

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Not all To-Do lists are created equal: 7 Tips to Getting It Right

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If there’s one thing all good missives about productivity have in common, it’s the to-do list. Of course, jotting down the tasks that need to be completed is a good idea. Having a running list of your responsibilities and their associated deadlines at your fingertips is a natural way to keep track of them (and to keep you on track to complete them!). The mistake in these articles, however, is assuming you know how to craft the sort of to-do list that makes a difference. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to get yourself organized…

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When is “Yes” Best? Things to Know Before You Say “No”

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“No” is a strong, healthy word that many of us need to learn to use more often; and yet, sometimes we manage to use it when we shouldn’t.  When new opportunities intimidate us, it’s easier to say no than it is to welcome the challenge. When we’re being pushed out of our comfort zone, it’s easier to hold tight to the familiar and reject the unknown. Part of mastering the art of saying “no” is learning when we should say it vs. when we should say “yes.”  Before you rush headlong into a decision, take a moment to read these…

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Say “No” and Mean it

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“No.” How can a word so small and so precise be so difficult to utter? There are times we struggle to say it. We agree to requests that we don’t have the time to actually take on. We acquiesce were we should demur. At other times, however, we do decline. We do so politely, offering up an explanation wrapped in an apology and steeped in guilt. “No.” It really shouldn’t be that hard. “No” isn’t a dirty word. In fact, it’s a strong, healthy word that you and I need to learn to use more often. We need to say…

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Finding Peace in Sea of Change

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Your life is changing. Whether you’re the catalyst behind the metamorphosis or change has been thrust upon you, it can be an unsettling time. There’s an uneasiness in letting go of the familiar and stepping out into new frontiers. How do you find balance and peace amid upheaval? Hakuna Matata You may recognize this Swahili phrase from the song in Disney’s Lion King. The phrase loosely translates to “no problems” or “no worries.” A problem-free life is an unrealistic goal. You’re going to have setbacks and challenges, even if you’re on a path you’re excited to pursue. The philosophy in…

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Finding Balance Between Summer Fun and Summer Work

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Welcome to summer! The kids are out of school. The temperatures are climbing. The allure of the beach, the mountains, or your outdoor haven of choice is beckoning. You’re thinking about the warm sun on your face. Then the phone rings, pulling you back into the reality that is your desk and the pile of work sitting upon it. Summer longing aside, listen to this: Carving out time away from the office (and the work that goes on in it) will benefit you. Science is in your corner on this one. Research says you’ll be more focused and productive when…

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