Finding Balance Between Summer Fun and Summer Work

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Welcome to summer! The kids are out of school. The temperatures are climbing. The allure of the beach, the mountains, or your outdoor haven of choice is beckoning. You’re thinking about the warm sun on your face. Then the phone rings, pulling you back into the reality that is your desk and the pile of work sitting upon it. Summer longing aside, listen to this: Carving out time away from the office (and the work that goes on in it) will benefit you. Science is in your corner on this one. Research says you’ll be more focused and productive when…

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4 Tips to Making “Work at Home” Work

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You’ve done it. You’ve been diligently getting your ducks in a row and you are now embracing your entrepreneurial spirit. You’ve traded in your commute for your very own home base.  Or you’re not launching your own business, instead; you’ve found a position that allows you to work from home (even some of the time). For many of us, this is the stuff dreams are made of, right? Working from home offers a lot of perks ranging from increased flexibility to reduced costs (good bye gas and tolls!). On the other hand, working at home isn’t as simple as settling…

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