Words Matter: Change What You Say to Squash Stress

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You’ve got a lot on your plate. It feels like every time you get your arms wrapped around your responsibilities, something new gets added. “I’m overwhelmed” you hear yourself saying. As the words leave your lips, the weight of them settles on your shoulders. It’s true, you think. You are the living, breathing embodiment of stress. “I just can’t fathom how I’m going to handle another thing,” you confess. Another weight presses down on you. Take a deep breath and a good, hard look at your word choice.  The language you use and the tone in which you use it…

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It’s Personal: When Your Story Becomes Your Business

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Independence. Freedom. The persistent nagging of a great idea that refused to be ignored. The desire to make a difference. These are just some of the reasons entrepreneurs have breathed life into their own businesses. The motivation behind pursuing either full-time self-employed pursuits or a side-gig are as varied as the people who pursue them. Some have a desire to be their own bosses and they search for the right outlet that allows them to blaze the trail of entrepreneurship. Others find their own needs aren’t being met and their quest to develop the product or service they wish existed…

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How to Write & Deliver a Killer Presentation

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You may never set foot on a stage as a speaker at a TED event. The words “Keynote Speaker” may never appear next to your name in a conference brochure. You may never be invited to be the commencement speaker at your alma mater. And you may be more relieved than disappointed by these statements! Even if you aren’t in a position to take the stage and deliver the speech of a lifetime, you will be called upon to speak throughout your career. From project kick-off meetings to sales pitches and potential investor meetings, public speaking is an integral part…

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Off-Target on Your Career Goals? Try Some Spring Cleaning

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As the calendar transitions from the waning days of one year into the dawning freshness of a new one, there’s a lot of chatter about setting new goals and making resolutions. Then we settle into our routines. By the second week of February, 80% of us have cast aside those January 1st plans. Perhaps the idea that renewal can only come once a year makes us rush into changes without doing the prep work to make sure they stick. Here’s the good news: There is no shortage of opportunities to make a new run at things. You just have to…

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What Love is: Finding Joy in Any Job

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If we were to total up the hours of your life – every single one of them from birth to death – about 30% of those hours would be spent at work. With that much time dedicated to our careers, it’s no wonder we’re encouraged to find work we love. From the day you start considering college majors or first jobs to the day you retire, you’re told to look for work where your passions lie. Of course, it’s not exactly that easy. Some of you will end up toiling in jobs you like, but don’t love. You work at…

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Leadership is Child’s Play: 5 Lessons to Learn from Your Kids

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From the moment your child was placed in your arms as a tiny, squawking human, you knew your role was to guide her as she grows into her full potential. From the first time your son sat with a crayon in his chubby, little toddler hand, you knew your responsibility was to help him learn how to bring to life what he saw in the blank page before him – not just literally, but figuratively as he grew and discovered his path. After all, parenting is an exercise of love and leadership. As you look at your child now, perhaps…

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Circle of Support: 6 Players to Recruit for “Team You”

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“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” ~ John Donne You know the phrase, “No man is an island.” You may not realize that the sage observation dates back to 1624 when John Donne, the founder of the Metaphysical Poets, wrote it in Meditation 17 (Devotions upon Emergent Occasions). Donne knew then, as hopefully you do today, that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. While this certainly makes us think twice about what role we’re playing in the world at large, it’s also…

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6 Tips to Get Back in the Groove After Time-off

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It’s been days since you last sat at your desk. Your inbox is stuffed to the gills with emails you haven’t even considered looking at during that time. Your staff is hoping to grab a few minutes with you to catch you up on a whatever they’ve been working on while you’ve been gone. Your first cup of coffee hasn’t even had time to get cold and you’re already overwhelmed. Whether you were out of the office for vacation, a business-related trip, or the flu knocked you out of commission for a stretch, coming back to the office after a…

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Up Your Game with These Productivity Tools

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Your phone is buzzing. There’s something new demanding your attention. Your email inbox if shooting off new message notifications with wild abandon. Your social media alerts you to important new content faster than you keep up. Yes, it’s true, tech can certainly be a drain on your time. It’s easy to get distracted by the stuff on your devices (granted, that latest cat video was pretty awesome.) On the other hand, technology can be a productivity game changer. Apps that help you organize your to-do list, manage your schedule, keep track of important ideas that popped up in the middle…

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“If Only” You Could Put These Excuses Aside: 4 Roadblocks to Your Success

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“If only…” How many times has that simple phrase interrupted your dreams? You’d open your own shop, if only you had the funds and business acumen to get started in retail. You’d launch your own consulting firm, if only you had the contacts to help you get it off the ground. You’d pursue your climb up the corporate ladder if only you had the time. “If only…” Ready for a game changing truth? Everything that comes after “if only” is an excuse born of fear and not a roadblock. That’s not say the road to your dreams will be an…

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