Say “No” and Mean it

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“No.” How can a word so small and so precise be so difficult to utter? There are times we struggle to say it. We agree to requests that we don’t have the time to actually take on. We acquiesce were we should demur. At other times, however, we do decline. We do so politely, offering up an explanation wrapped in an apology and steeped in guilt. “No.” It really shouldn’t be that hard. “No” isn’t a dirty word. In fact, it’s a strong, healthy word that you and I need to learn to use more often. We need to say…

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9 Lifehacks to Tame Your Work Day

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Have you ever noticed some people seem to have the superhuman ability to squeeze more out of their allotted 24 hours than the rest of us? What secret power do they possess? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s no mystic power at work here. No ability to stretch time or to super speed through the tasks at hand. These seemingly gifted people have adopted a set of habits that allow them to use their time more efficiently and with a little bit of practice, you can too. Make a to-do list It seems almost overly…

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It’s Back-to-School Season for You, Too!

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Currently, retailers are loaded to the gills with crisp, clean notebooks, unsharpened pencils lined neatly in their box, packages of loose leaf paper, and stacks of untouched Post-Its. This is a time where children and adults alike are caught in between the emotions inherent in seeing summer’s waning days inch toward a close and a new school year ripe with possibility about to dawn. As a kid, perhaps this time of year meant trying on new corduroys and sweaters. It meant pushing your feet into the not-yet-broken-in leather of clean, white sneakers.  You waited patiently, more or less, for the…

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The Questions that Lead to Personal Growth

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Here’s a bit of simple advice: Listen more and ask lots of questions. Success isn’t born out of having all the answers. Success comes from being open to asking the right questions, and listening for the right answers.  Sometimes that means learning from others; sometimes, as you’ll see in the list of questions that follow, it means being more attune to what your own heart is saying.  If you want to grab that brass ring, make a habit of asking these questions more often. Will this move me closer to my goals? We’re all terribly busy. There are some things…

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6 Steps to Successfully Close Out Your Work-at-Home Day

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Establishing a clear end-of-the-day routine can help you cut your stress and boost your productivity and happiness. Previously, we addressed several steps you should take to close things out on a high note. Those steps can apply no matter where you’re working; however, remote workers have a unique set of challenges as well. These additional steps can help draw a clear distinction between your work-at-home time and your be-at-home time. Set hours One of the perks of working remotely can be the flexibility to meet your work obligations on a non-traditional schedule. While it’s okay to knock out a report…

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Going Out on a High Note: 6 Steps to Finish Off Your Work Day

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You know that how you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of you day. You’ve created a solid morning routine and it’s paid off. Sure, there were the usual pressures of an average work day. There was even an unexpected challenge or two to cope with. You, however, met it all head on. Now the day is coming to a close. You’re about to toss all your stuff in your bag and head out the door. Not so fast. Your routine at this point of the day matters too. In fact, getting tomorrow morning off on…

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Finding Peace in Sea of Change

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Your life is changing. Whether you’re the catalyst behind the metamorphosis or change has been thrust upon you, it can be an unsettling time. There’s an uneasiness in letting go of the familiar and stepping out into new frontiers. How do you find balance and peace amid upheaval? Hakuna Matata You may recognize this Swahili phrase from the song in Disney’s Lion King. The phrase loosely translates to “no problems” or “no worries.” A problem-free life is an unrealistic goal. You’re going to have setbacks and challenges, even if you’re on a path you’re excited to pursue. The philosophy in…

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When the Road to Success May Be a Slow Moving One

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You are excited and you should be. You’ve mapped out a fantastic plan for your future. You’ve got measurable, attainable goals. You’ve got a plan to achieve them. You’re ready to leap hurdles and tackle roadblocks. You’re on a mission, and you’re headed toward success. The one thing you may be lacking is patience. You’re in it for the long haul (assuming the long haul isn’t all that long!). Overnight success is a misnomer, however. These things take time. How do you hang tight and maintain enthusiasm when progress is slow? Set micro-goals There’s a reason a football field is…

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Moving from the Home Stretch to the Finish Line

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You can see the finish line. You can’t quite touch it yet. You’re not that close. You can see it, though. It’s right there on the horizon.  As you’re counting off how many more paces you’ll make to get through the last few miles, you must admit, you’re getting tired. You feel your energy starting to wane. Your enthusiasm is sagging. You want a break, and at the same time, you want to push through to the end. If we were talking about a running marathon, we’d delve into tips on how to push through the pain and pace yourself…

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5 Steps to Uncover Your Superpower

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It’s summer and that means the film industry is unveiling one potential blockbuster film after another in the hopes of capturing a bit of your downtime.  Screen-worthy (and sometimes not-so-worthy) adaptions of heroic figures take their place on the silver screen trying to entice ticket sales.  Put down the popcorn, because I have a challenge for you. Take a break from debating the merits of the latest web-slinger or the Amazonian princess, and identify your own superpowers. You may not be leaping buildings in a single bound or flying through the air, but you do have natural talents. If you…

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