5 Apps You Need to Download

You’re a juggler. Not literally, perhaps, but you’re certainly striving to find a balance between the demands of a career and your personal life. Maybe you’re fitting in classes for your MBA or you’re trying to figure out how to make sure your next board meeting doesn’t conflict with your daughter’s final soccer game this season. No matter how many balls you’re trying to juggle at the moment, you’d welcome tools that helped you keep them all in the air. Right? I thought so. Good news, there’s an app for that (and so much more!)

Any.do can get anyone organized

You want to get organized, which is a lot easier to do when everything is in one place. Any.do offers a to-do list, reminders, notes and the ability to share lists with / assign tasks to others. Even better, you can sync the app between your phone, desktop and tablet. The app also offers voice-entry capabilities, calendar sync and more. You’ll find it for both iOS and Android mobile devices and on the web. You’ll have your choice between the free app and the premium, subscription-based service.

SaneBox can tame your inbox

There was a reason you signed up for the mailing list from your favorite office supply store and that daily motivational message from that leadership guru you admire. You don’t necessarily want to unsubscribe from the mailing list, but the truth is, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of email you’re getting on a regular basis. Sounds like it’s time for SaneBox. This clever AI-based plug-in will identify the messages you’re not regularly reading or replying to and filter them out of your inbox. Don’t worry, they’re not gone. The app will curate them and send you a digest update with what you’ve missed so you can bulk delete or set them to reappear in your inbox later.

iPassword means never having to ask, “What was my password?”

Six letters and a symbol. Eight letter combo of letters and numbers. This one is case-sensitive. This one is not. Having trouble keeping up with all your passwords? You’re not alone. An app like 1Password will securely store all your passwords in one place so you can log in with a single click no matter what letter, number, and symbol combo you’ve used. This app comes with a small monthly fee. It also comes with advanced encryption, security alerts, and other perks that make it more useful than the stack of (tangible or virtual) paper scraps you’ve been scribbling your different passwords on up until now.

Grammarly helps you get it write right

Find me someone who types emails, documents, or social media post and I’ll show you someone who has published a written document with a mistake in it at least once in their life. Even the best writers and editors manage an occasional wrong keystroke that gets missed in the proofreading process. Grammarly can help. You can cut and paste your content into the editor or use the free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It will also integrate with Microsoft Office. You’ll have your choice between free and premium versions no matter what you’re integrating the app into.

Slack gets your team on the same page

Sure, you could email your entire team every time you want to reach out with a group message. It works when you have a broadcast message you want to blast out. It’s not, however, the right tool for conversations. That’s what the communication tool Slack is for. Available for desktop and mobile devices, Slack puts all your office communications in one neat, searchable place. You can invite team members to join different channels to help organize your conversations by project, departments, or topics. The app also allows for direct messaging between team members for one-on-one breakout conversations. Team members can share documents and video within the app, too.