Baby and The Bath Water

One of my biggest fears has always been giving my son a bath without anyone around to help. Bath-time at our house is always interesting as we never know when our son is going to be happy and when he is going to try to climb out of the tub while he is still wet and soapy. It usually takes two of us to do the bath.

I am learning a lot about my son and myself as my husband is away on his business trip. One is that my son adapts to what ever his situation – thankfully he is good natured and adorable.

His first reaction to the bath without Dad around was to try climbing back out. I firmly and lovingly told him that he was taking a bath and that Mommy would be there to take care of him and ensure that he had fun. He settled back down and enjoyed his bath-time. He even sang a song of Mom-ma-ma which is usually Dad-da-da, so I was amused along with him.

I am enjoying the time with my son and acknowledging all of the things Dad can do that I cannot and giving myself a break about it all.

Think of a time you had to reach inside yourself for a strength you weren’t sure you had. What thoughts did you have about yourself? About your situation? How did you do? What did you learn about yourself?

Until next week,