Banish Energy Slumps with 5 Quick Pick-me-ups

The year is in its final stretch. That means in addition to your regular project load, you’re probably tackling an array of end-of-year reports, scurrying to close out deals to get them booked on this calendar year and prepping budgets / plans for next year. In addition to the added work, you’ve got the holiday-related things that claim space on your to-do list and social calendar. You’re exhausted just thinking about it, right? Here’s a secret: nothing but getting down to business is going to clear those items from your plate. However, your energy levels and focus can get a boost with these tips, and a boost in energy can help you tackle that to-do list!

Get up and move.

Research has shown that 20 minutes of physical activity can alleviate exhaustion. Sure, leaving your desk sounds counterproductive; but if your energy is lagging, so is your productivity. Spend part of your lunch break taking a walk outside. Get up and walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of calling or sending an email. Use the stairs not the elevator. Just move.

Drink water.

Are you tired or are you dehydrated? Feeling exhausted can be a symptom of dehydration. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and sip it throughout the day. Snack on water rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. And yes, enjoy that cup of coffee too.


So, you really can’t afford the time away from your desk for a pick-me-up walk. On the other hand, you’re having hard time focusing and fatigue is setting in (not to mention amped-up stress levels.) Stretch it out. Whether you stand or remain seated, a quick reach for the sky will help. Stretch your arms over your head, reaching as high as you can. Feel it in your abdomen. Breathe deeply as you do.

Tune in.

Pull up your favorite playlist. Pop in those earbuds if you need to. One study found that those who listen to music while working completed tasks more quickly. Choose music that perks you up without distracting you from the tasks at hand. When you find it, rock on.

Plan your day accordingly.

Our energy levels have a natural ebb and flow to them. Figure out the timing of yours. You may be thinking that quiet, mundane tasks are best for those down energy times. Not so fast. Schedule tasks that engage you at points when your energy is waning. Research shows it’s harder to fight fatigue when we’re bored, which means your natural energy peaks are a good time to plot in the work you’re less enthusiastic about.