Challenge of Schedules

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you know in advance your schedule is going to be challenging - One of those weeks where you really need everyone in the family to be healthy because there is just no room to be sick? If you are a Mom already then you probably know the drill – when someone else in the family is sick, everything stops for you to take care of them. When you are sick, you just keep moving forward in the hopes you will get five minutes to rest at some point. Does that sound about right?

My husband and I just had one of those weeks – we both had important events and we prayed that our son would be healthy all the way through the week. With a child in day care it is inevitable that he will be sick at least once every month. We made it all the way through to Friday and unfortunately we both had to deliver important presentations.

Just as my presentation was halfway through my cell phone rang with the dreaded call – your son is running a fever. My husband wasn’t answering his cell phone, so I had no choice but to do the Super Mom thing and get a replacement for me in my meeting and run to pick up my son. Is it just me, or does it seem like Moms can always do the impossible when it comes to our children?

Think of a time when you did the impossible to take care of your children? What were your thoughts at that time? What did you make happen? Do you realize how powerful you are and how much strength it takes to be a Mom? I’d love to hear your stories about your inner strength as a Mom.

Until next week,