...Continue on Roles

Continuing the story from last week, there I was in the doctor’s office with my son while my husband wondered why I sounded mad at him. I stopped him in his story about his presentation at work to tell him I was in the doctor’s office with our son. I had to say it about three times before it registered with him. The difference between Moms and Dads – we are a lot more excitable then they are – at least in our family it works that way – how does it work in your family?

It turned out our son had a double ear infection which just means he needs antibiotics for ten days but he also has a form of viral asthma which is set off by colds and viruses, so it also means watching him closely to ensure the ear infection doesn’t trigger his asthma. Dad wondered since I was already home if he needed to come home early. Tell yourself the truth – would you be mad here or would you say no, it’s okay since I’m already home?

What would you be thinking at this point? What would you be feeling? Now, put yourself in the Dad’s role – what do you think you would be thinking? Remember last week’s discussion about the roles we each play in our relationships. How do your thoughts compare with your roles?

What are your strengths in your relationship and your household?

Until next week,