Does Your Child Behave Differently With Others Than With You?

We have a wonderful little boy who is well behaved most of the time. The daycare and our babysitters and Grandparents all tell us how wonderful our son is and how easy he is to put down for a nap. My husband and I look at each other in amazement when we hear these stories and wonder what we are doing wrong.

We have finally figured out the truth. The truth is our son knows we will eventually give in and pick him up if he cries long enough when left in his crib. He knows exactly which buttons he can push to have his own way with us. He also knows he cannot do this at daycare or with a babysitter or the grandparents because they will not melt in quite the same way as Mom and Dad.

We have tested the theory and not picked him up out of the crib at times and he usually quiets down after ten or twenty minutes. In order for us to have some peace and a good night’s sleep, we have learned that as long as our son has been fed, changed and is healthy, then there is no reason to have him sleep in our bed for naps or at night. Having said that, we are still guilty at times of letting him sleep in our bed. My reasoning for now at least is that I won’t be able to do this when he is my age so I am going to enjoy every moment I get to hug and kiss and comfort my son. I am also going to own the fact that I am exhausted every day is due to my own selfishness, which is not a bad thing.

I encourage you this week to own what may be your influence on your child’s behavior. See what you notice once you begin to own your part. I’d love to hear what you find out for yourself.

Until next week,