Finding Your Role

My son has been a Daddy’s boy for the last six months and all of a sudden we are faced with a week of alone time without Daddy. The most amazing thing has happened this week. I have gotten to know my son and myself I have learned some very powerful lessons:
  • I am resilient and so is my son.
  • It is okay to laugh and cry and laugh again within the same ten minutes.
  • Life is only as complicated as we make it.
  • If we acknowledge we are too small to move all the mountains by ourselves we can ask for help and receive help.
  • Eating dinner as a family is a lot easier than trying to take care of baby while you are eating.
  • Bath-time can be fun for the entire family.
  • It is worth stopping everything to spend some time enjoying a child.
  • The Wiggles and Elmo can be amazing teachers to both parents and children.
  • Dads are in their own ways as amazing as Moms; even if we do things differently.
Think of a time you had to reach inside yourself for a strength you weren’t sure you had. What thoughts did you have about yourself? About your situation? How did you do? What did you learn about yourself? Until next week, Cheryl