Fit the Role

Last week, I left you with me running to pick up my son who had a fever at daycare. I called my husband on the way to my son several times to no avail. He was giving a presentation and did not stop to check his cell phone as it rang on his belt.

I picked up my son and drove straight to the doctor’s office. They were closed for lunch so I waited in the parking lot until the office reopened. While waiting I called my husband several more times to see where he was and let him know what was happening. Still there was no answer. Notice Mom stopped in the middle of a meeting to see the daycare was calling. Dad didn’t seem to notice Mom was calling in the middle of the day. Have you ever had this experience? How would you feel? What would you think?

As I waited with my son in the doctor’s office, my husband called. Finally, I thought, he got my messages. He told me he survived his presentation and that was it. He had not actually checked his voicemail messages and still had no idea I was in the doctor’s office with our son. The difference between Moms and Dads is amazing sometimes, isn’t it? It is why we have different roles and responsibilities in our relationships.

Take a look at your relationship and see if you notice that you each have different roles – things you each do simply because that is what you do – for instance my husband does the laundry and cleans the house while I pay the bills and take care of the shopping. We simply have different strengths and we do what we do best – without an agreement about it. The same thing happens when it comes to our son – we each seem to just naturally do what we do best.

What are your strengths in your relationship and your household?

Until next week,