Laying Out A Plan

For several weeks, I thought about how I would handle being alone with my very young son for a whole week and how I would survive without my husband for the first time since we were married. I have always been the one with the business trips away from home and I always have Grandma pinch-hit for me while I am away.

I laid out a plan to take care of myself in the event I needed help. I lined up several people to baby-sit in the event I needed to work late or wanted to safely take a shower. We enlisted the neighbors and some close friends to check in with us during the week and possibly join us for walks after dinner. I baby-proofed my son’s bedroom so could be left alone in there to play in the event he got out of his crib during the night. I re-trained my son to sleep in his crib – Dad had undone the crib training the last time our son got sick.

As you can see I was totally prepared. Then the day arrived and we waved good-bye to my husband as the cab drove off. I took my son out for breakfast that morning and that’s when it happened – I found myself starting to cry in the coffee shop. My husband had been gone less than ten minutes and I felt lost and alone – thank goodness my son was there.

Think of a time you had to reach inside yourself for a strength you weren’t sure you had. What thoughts did you have about yourself? About your situation? How did you do? What did you learn about yourself?

Until next week,