Sharing the Load of Childcare with Two Working Parents

My husband and I both work outside the home and unfortunately we also both have to bring work home on the weekends. While we are both working at not having to do this it is currently one of our biggest issues as a family.

While we have a home office it seems there is not enough privacy to easily and quickly get work done and then have family time. We are always trying to figure out how to get everything done. I have figured out how to play with our son in the house while my husband gets his work done. This for some reason is a challenge for my husband. He insists he must take our son outside in order to give me the time to get work done. The result for me is that I feel left out even though I have work to do.

The good news is that my husband has a great idea. This week, I allowed him to do it his way and although I still feel left out I was able to get my work done and then join them later at the park.

Taking turns seems to be the best way to enjoy our son as well as ensure that everything gets done and this also results in less stress in the long run.

I encourage you this week to take turns and allow your spouse to be creative about childcare even though you still might have a different preference.

Until next week,