The Power of Embracing a Success Perspective

I was working recently on a project to create a new business and we were going around and around in circles trying to come up with the best name. I had the mindset that the name had to be just right before we could move onto the next phase of the project. As I was writing down ideas, I came across a sticker I had placed in my notebook that read, “What you create doesn’t have to be perfect”. Wow! That sentence stopped me in my tracks. I was operating from the perspective of it will fail unless the name is perfect. That was definitely blocking creativity on some level and anxiety provoking for certain. I thought about how many times I had potentially done that to myself in the past and noted the times when generating new ideas came easy and when it was challenging. The difference between an easy flow of creativity and being stuck and frustrated for me, was in the perspective I chose to embrace during the process. Embracing an “All or Nothing” perspective caused stress and frustration and the early abandonment of new ideas. However, when I embraced a perspective of “It will be successful no matter what”, creativity flowed easily and there were many ideas from which to choose. So how does one actually embrace a success perspective? My research over the years led me to see that many of us have a knee jerk reaction to assume an all or nothing perspective when exploring something new or stepping into unchartered territory. We automatically assume the worst. This is an ancient survival tactic that kept us safe in case of danger. It simply no longer serves us as well as it used to; especially when we know there is no inherent physical danger in brainstorming new ideas (unless of course, the ink from the pen leaks or we get a paper cut). It takes a special perspective to explore something new. My suggestion is to try these concepts on and if something doesn’t apply to your life, you can change your approach in a way that supports you best. Willingness – Your willingness is a very important concept. It dictates how you will behave when faced with different possibilities. You can choose to try new ideas. You can also choose not to. It’s imperative to approach the journey with a willingness to experience new thoughts, new actions and new people. You must be willing to temporarily suspend your current negative beliefs, and be open to opportunities and changes as they show up in your life. Positive Attitude – A positive attitude can attract exactly what you desire in your career and in your life. Have you heard the old saying that you can catch more flies with honey? Think of honey as a positive attitude. There’s another familiar saying that says when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. Opportunities will be easier to create and attract when you present the world with your smiling face and positive attitude. Focus – Maintaining focus on your goal is imperative. You must keep your eye on your dreams. Remaining focused on what you want allows you to clearly express your desires, and attract opportunities. Staying focused gives you information about your fears, and alerts you to things that might stop you from reaching your goal. Through the practice of maintaining focus you will increase your ability to notice when you veer off the path you’ve defined, and improve your odds of getting back on track. Fun – Please remember to have fun while on your journey! You want to be sure to enjoy the process as much as the goal. Playfulness is as attractive as a positive attitude, and enjoying yourself can be a sign that you’re moving toward a career or goal or solution you love. Be willing to step outside of the cookie cutter image of professional success that you were raised with. Take notice of those projects you enjoy. Take a look at your life and determine where fun is present, and where it might be missing. Be willing to be playful throughout your discovery process. What perspective are you embracing today? Until next time, Cheryl