When Grandma is Not Available

In previous weeks we have discussed managing busy schedules when both parents work and occasionally travel. I have also personally thanked Grandmothers and other pinch hitters when the going gets tough. This week I am faced with a different discussion – what happens when Grandma is not available and both parents need to travel back to back?

How do you take care of yourself, the baby and your relationship with yourself, work and your spouse or significant other? How do you keep stress at a minimum and enjoy your experience? This month’s focus is on self care while caring for others through the eyes of this overloaded and overworked single Mom (for this week at least).

So, I had lined up Grandma for a week to help out my husband while I am away on a business trip. Next thing I know my husband has to suddenly make an emergency business trip several thousand miles away the week before I am supposed to take my trip. Who does he call for help but the very same Super Grandma who of course agrees to help. That is until she discovers she is too ill to travel which leaves Mom and Dad to fend for themselves possibly for the very first time, not just with a child but also the furthest apart in terms of distance.

Think of a time you had to reach inside yourself for a strength you weren’t sure you had. What thoughts did you have about yourself? About your situation? How did you do? What did you learn about yourself?

Until next week,