Work Stress and a Happy Family

For those of us that are Career Moms, there is a special kind of stress each day. We run the risk of bringing our stress from the office into the house when we return home at night. I don’t know about you but I simply melt at the sight of my son running toward me with open arms and a huge smile at the end of the day. Even though his presence and demeanor remind me what is truly important in life, I can still sometimes be distracted by stress from the office.

It is important to communicate with your family about what is going on for you so that you can partner in the process of taking care of each other. All too often the stress we bring home can create conflict at home when it really has nothing to do with us. My husband and I check in with each other at least once a day and we try to stop in the middle of arguments to see what started the disagreement. Usually it is some outside force that we can both identify and then we can stop ourselves from arguing with each other.

This process takes a little work and you can easily be successful with the ingredients of self-love, respect for each other and lots of communication.

Think of a time when you were angry at your family and not sure what had caused that reaction. What were the circumstances and how did you handle things? How did you feel about yourself and about your family?

This week, I encourage you to pay attention to your stress from outside the house and how it impacts your moods. Take notes and see if you can find a special pattern that may help you avoid unnecessary family conflicts.

Until next week,