How to Create and Refine Your Elevator Pitch

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Opportunity is knocking. Do you hear it? If you’re listening for the knock on the proverbial front door, you may miss it. Opportunity doesn’t always present itself with fanfare. It’s not always direct.  It may not come from the career networking event you’ve signed up for. It may not be found in the list of open positions you’re combing through on Indeed. It may not look like your current job. It may not be within your existing field. You never know where your next opportunity will come from. It may very well arise in the midst of a conversation at…

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7 Tips to Place a Face with a Name, Because “Hey, You” Just Won’t Do

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You’re standing in a crowd of new faces. Somewhere in this sea of people at this networking event is the person who will eventually help you fund your new business venture. You vaguely recall meeting her at a previous industry event. Your potential investor is making her way over to say hello. You’re scrambling to remember her name before she gets any closer, because you know that “Hey, you! What’s your name your again?” isn’t the best way to make an impression. My guess is that all of us have found ourselves in this space at some point or another….

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5 Tips for Making LinkedIn Work for You

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Gone are the days when an online presence was an option for a business. Today, your digital footprint is akin to your front door. It’s not just where your clients are finding you; it’s also how they decide whether to work with you or buy from you. After all, more than 80% of consumers use online research before they make a purchase. If you think those stats are relevant just for your business and not about you, think again. Marketing yourself has moved online too. Networking with potential clients, business partners and employers requires a healthy online presence. Being active…

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