4 Surefire Ways to Unleash Your Creative Side

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The project before you requires some creative thinking. We’re not talking about finding your inner Picasso. This isn’t about a masterpiece. It’s finding a better way to communicate a tough idea or identifying a solution that requires you to stretch outside the bounds of the tried-and-true. Even the most right-brained among us can struggle to get our creative juices flowing when the pressure is on. If you’re struggling to unleash your creative side, try these four tips. Exercise Your Muscles Sure, taking a walk, pulling out the yoga mat, and lifting weights could help. The distraction of channeling your energy…

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If You Want to Shine, Ditch These Three Phrases

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You want to be successful. You’ve been reading up on the things that set successful people apart from the pack. You’re ready to adopt the habits that will propel you forward. You’ve got a game plan on how to make it all work and it’s a good one. Awesome! Before you go too far, however, let’s talk. The words you choose to use are as important as the actions you take. If you want to be successful, drop these phrases from your vocabulary: “I’ll try” When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world he didn’t say, “Apple is going…

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8 Steps to Cure Imposter Syndrome

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Congrats! Your career has taken a giant leap forward. Your hard work and determination have given birth to new opportunities. You’re taking the mantle of leadership; maybe it was a promotion, or an entrepreneurial venture. Either way, you’ve climbed another rung (or more) up the ladder of your career. Amid all the congratulatory praise and best wishes, however, is a small, nagging voice rising from deep within you. “What will I do when they find out I’m in over my head?” Meet the monster otherwise known as Imposter Syndrome. You’re not alone. First, take heart in knowing that you, by…

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You are the Master Gardener of Your Life

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As the days have gotten longer and warmer, backyard gardeners have rolled up their sleeves and plunged their hands into soil to prepare for the new growing season. Before plants were placed in the ground, those with the greenest of thumbs began their task by testing the soil to determine what supplements were needed to support the plants they want to grow. They were also thinking about which plantings work well together, not just aesthetically, but chemically as well. Studies have shown that some plants impart certain nutrients to the soil that others thrive on. So, knowing how two plants…

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Gratitude is Good for You: 6 Reasons Your Career Needs a “Thank You”

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Gratitude is good for you.  Researchers who have studied the matter have found that those who focus on what they are thankful for tend to be more optimistic, happier, and healthier.  Sounds great, right? Wait, there’s more good news. Gratitude isn’t just good for your personal life. It can also enhance your professional life and here’s how: Gratitude is a team player Researchers Adam Grant and Francesca Gino wanted to know how a simple “thank you” impacted work teams. Through a series of four experiments, they found that individuals were willing to take on extra tasks when they felt appreciated….

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Know When to Hold ‘Em: Mastering the Art of Delegation

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Have you ever attempted to juggle? There are talented artists who make the task of keeping multiple items moving from hand to hand seem effortless. Yet, no matter how graceful and seamless they appear to bounce items from palm to palm, the truth is there’s a limit to how much the juggler can keep moving before something drops. Here’s another bit of truth: We’re all jugglers, although most of us are a little less obvious about it. You and I may not be floating items through the air between each hand to entertain an audience, but we certainly are keeping…

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Map Your Own Course to Success

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Odds are the way you answered that at 5 years old changed by the time you were 15, and perhaps a few more times before you arrived where you stand today. The question to ask now is “Are you were you want to be?” and if not, “What’s keeping you from getting there?” Naming the roadblocks that are holding us back is not often the challenge. We can point to a lack of resources or opportunities. We can identify missing skill sets or a row of doors closed off to…

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5 Steps to Get Back On Track When Your Day Derails

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When you crawled into bed last night you had high hopes for today. You even had the spark of satisfaction starting to glow because you knew today was going to be productive. Today, things would get done.  Fast forward a few hours to when you’re sitting at your desk feeling overwhelmed. You’re wondering when things went off track and how you’re going to manage to hit your deadlines when the tasks that should have been completed an hour ago are still waiting for your attention. It doesn’t take much to shake things up. Maybe you hit the snooze bar one…

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Take the Wheel and Steer into Change

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Life changes every day. Sometimes we’re bystanders watching the world unfold around us as we go along for the ride. That can be frightening. It’s the reason Disney World’s Space Mountain amps up the thrills: you can’t see the dips and turns coming. You can’t prepare and you certainly can’t steer. Sound familiar?  It’s time to slip into the driver’s seat of change and take control of steering your future.  These 4 tips will help you embrace change and steer yourself through the curves. Go in with your eyes open One of the biggest mistakes we make is grabbing hold…

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Listen! Opportunity is Knocking

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Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.’ ~ John Greenleaf Whittier Whittier was right. Of all the sad words uttered, the saddest are those that lament a missed opportunity. Opportunity is literally everywhere around you and today is the day to evaluate your options, seize the one that could fit you like a glove, and pursue it with passion.  Today I challenge you to begin to manage your focus in a way that invites you to recognize possibility. When you do, you will find many options to consider and embrace. Be…

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