Case Study Example

Engaged by a Behavioral Healthcare Trade Association to prepare CEO’s and CFO’s for the coming transition to an industry wide business model adjustment to fee for service.

The group has been reimbursed for their expenses for more than 20 years.

They now have to change to a fee for service system where not everything will be reimbursed.

They need to find creative business solutions and also understand their underlying cost structure so they can identify their exposure.

Delivered a unit cost calculation conversation to 75 Agencies. Creative Blue Prints provided a basic template and framework they could use as a data collection and calculation tool. Using a collaborative conversational approach we encouraged them to ask questions and worked with the 75 agencies to turn the answers into collective learning points.


The group left the session feeling more aware of possible solutions with a framework to measure their costs and homework on their cost structures. Feedback over time has been very positive and they learned more about what they did not actually know about their businesses but thought previously was not a necessary cost assumption.

They are now looking at their businesses differently and becoming more actively engaged in their Organizations’ redesigns for this new fee for service environment.