Case Study

Engaged by a Senior Executive to take her career to the next level and achieve a six figure salary. She was stuck just below that level for several years and wanted to break through the ceiling.

Through a series of questions built on a curiosity model, we developed a framework or blueprint of what the next level meant to this client. We documented concepts such as what did it feel like, what did a day in her life look like at this level, what was she doing at work on a day at this level, what was a need, what was a wish, what was a requirement what definitely would not work.

Where are You


Where Do You Want To Be


We documented her current strengths, skills and qualifications and her current areas for improvement, development and potential learning gaps and credential gaps. We built a personal balance sheet with positives as assets and negatives as liabilities and included energizer activities and energy depleting activities. We estimated how many of the gaps existed and how long potentially some might take to achieve.

We then developed together, a plan of actions to take over the next six months and broke it down into do-able assignments on a week by week basis. The end result was this client was promoted within two years from the start date and broke through the six figure ceiling she had been stuck at for several years.

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