Case Study

Engaged by a $60MM Agency to help them grow their revenues and improve their cash flow. I have presented this solution set at the Open Minds Performance Management Conference as well as in my CFO Studio video and other arenas.

This involved using curiosity skills to collect Information for two years back and using a psychological approach to behaviors, assessing the leaders in place over the previous two years with who is present now and how their cash flow patterns were similar and not similar.

Lay It Out

Convincing the CEO was relatively easy with the use of very clear and simple spreadsheets showing in green, yellow and red, the risks of each spending decision.

Straight forward

Convincing the rest of the Senior Team (including the ones who were unknowingly adding to the problem) was a bit harder.

Time for Shift

It was clear behaviors had not changed with some of the same leaders who were in place over a long period of time.

Take Steps

We projected cash flow out for 52 weeks; one week at a time and found exactly when the organization would run out of money.

Identify Challenges

This analysis literally showed when the organization would have to hold checks and when they would have to shut the doors.

Time for Action

Discovered how to reduce the borrowing against the line of credit and save $160K in interest expense annually.

The process included several group meetings to discuss the issues and the facts before we could get to solutions. They needed help to talk it through and get over the concept of anyone being responsible and moving toward solution steps. This involved changing a culture around spending as well as a culture of learned organizational behaviors.

Previously the Organization had gone through a rollercoaster of unexpected layoffs due to surprises when the cash ran out. Since implementing this method of collaborative and informed cash flow management, there have be relatively few surprises.

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