Case Study

Engaged by a Women’s Leadership Executive Program to teach Financial Acumen and Influencing through ROI. Presented the conversation including two interactive case study sessions to forty mid-level executives working on their transition plans to become Senior Executives in the future. We provided a basic framework and in the first assignment gave them 15 minutes to review a 10K and present all they could assess in that time frame. At first they thought it would not be enough time. We asked them to create cross functional teams at their tables to assist in the process of having different perspectives.

We explained that as a Senior Leader, you sometimes only get 15 minutes to provide an opinion.

At the end of the 15 minutes the group came up with a laundry list of accurate and appropriate comments and even began a solution conversation. They were amazed at how much they could assess in such a short period of time and realized they knew more than they thought they did.

We presented the day in a step up of energy starting with a calm beginning and working up to a Wow ending to ensure the energy was up and excited at the end of the day given that the presentation was at the end of a very long day and it would be a three hour session.

  • Presented a framework for ROI conversations and explained that they may only get a fifteen second sound bite or the time it takes to ride the elevator from their floor to the main lobby.
  • Provided eight case studies and asked them to assess them and whether or not they would fund them.
  • Explained which ones were actually funded on the first round and which on the second and which ones were not funded.
  • Results: They were surprised, and realized that understanding your audiences perspective is a critical success factor.