Being in Agreement

Last week we were in the middle of the story about my son being sick and my husband being a man – sometimes a no win situation. The next day we had planned to be at a Graduation party for a friend. They had invited our son to the party but we had decided to get Grandma to baby-sit because we thought he would be a distraction at the party. We had made this decision a month before.

I was relieved that we had preplanned to have Grandma baby-sit because we would have had to cancel the party due to my son’s sudden illness. Luckily for all of us my son was in pretty good spirits and was happy to be playing with Grandma all day.

When we got to the event, we were grateful for having made the decision to leave our son home because he would have been a distraction for the guest of honor as well as frustrated by the lack of space for a small child. Both my husband and I had agreed in advance that this plan was the best and during the day we felt a bit guilty for not having brought our son.

Having said that, by the end of the day we realized that for this one decision we had both been right. Perhaps a major accomplishment that Mom and Dad agree on a course of action when it comes to taking care of a child.

What decisions about your children do you and Dad agree about? What decisions do you disagree about or differ in how you handle them? How do you feel when you agree and when you disagree? What are your thoughts in each situation? How do you behave in each situation?

What are your strengths in your relationship and your household?

Until next week,