Lead a Life of Climb

Vistage + Creative Blueprints Partnership

Why some CEOs go further and higher

As a business leader, you know that the hardest climb isn’t Kilimanjaro, Denali or Everest. It’s the CEO’s leadership journey, and it’s fraught with all kinds of challenges and opportunities, setbacks and advances.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. You can travel with an experienced guide who knows the lay of the land and an elite team of peers who’ve got your back.

You can equip yourself with world-class resources to navigate changing environments and uncertain conditions.

You can take an approach forged over 60 years and traveled by 100,000+ CEOs of small to midsize businesses around the world.

With that kind of support, how high could you ascend?

If you’re ready for the climb of a lifetime, the path starts here.

Connect with me at cheryl.marksyoung@vistagechair.com.

"As CEO and the owner of my business, I felt that I needed greater perspective.

There was no shortage of people willing to offer their advice, and most people have their own agenda. Even the people I trust most don’t really challenge my assumptions. Truly unbiased advice is just difficult to find.

I felt isolated at the top. I also felt enormous responsibility to the performance of my company and to the people around me. I knew we have greater potential than we were realizing – and that something had to change."

For more than sixty years CEOs and business owners have been discovering what Benjamin Franklin realized in 1727 when he formed his Junto, and what Bob Nourse set in motion in 1957 when he founded Vistage:

When forward thinking, serious minded people commit to support each other’s success, as a group they accomplish together what none of them can alone.

Are you prepared to become the change you want to see?

And are you the leader you need to be?

Vistage is the preeminent resource for leaders who want to improve their effectiveness by learning from and being challenged by a trusted advisory board of peers.

It is easy to find people willing to answer your questions – but the real value is from people who will question your answers. This only happens in a high-intensity learning environment where the value of your own contribution to others is the determinate of the value you receive yourself.

At Creative Blueprints for Leaders, we believe that if you grow as a person you will grow as a leader. Vistage provides a foundation for personal and professional growth – through a combination of mentoring, expert resource learning sessions and facilitated discussion that tackles the hard parts of leading an organization successfully. Gain perspective, honest feedback – and the kind of guidance that leads to better decisions and better results.

Cheryl leads groups in New Jersey and the New York Metro area – serving companies that range from $5 – 175 million in revenue.

If you would like to learn more – or find out if you qualify for an invitation – please email cheryl.marksyoung@vistagechair.com today and discover why more than 22,000 leaders in more than 16 countries around the globe rely on Vistage for becoming better leaders and leading stronger organizations.

The Only Way is UP

Vistage Leaders Climb Higher

~Helping each other be better.
~Inspiring one another to achieve the impossible.
~Climbing a little higher than was previously thought possible.
~To summit, and then... keep going higher.

Because we know the hardest climb... leads to the ultimate rewards.


Cheryl is a (deservingly) award-winning CFO but she is also deeply connected to business strategy and executive operation.

Aaron Mandelbaum

Cheryl is a great communicator and has that confidence that comes across every time anyone is near her. You will learn something from Cheryl every time she speaks.

Sam Jalahej

Your Guide

A Note From Cheryl

Connecting people and businesses to their true vision, purpose, and passion is my specialty. It’s what I do best.

Making connections started with a project that I conducted in New York City. I developed a system to help women use the internet to find their significant others. It was a system of questions, structure, and research. I went on to teach that system and wrote a book titled Live Your Purpose, Love Your Work. That was the start of my professional coaching program. I went on to found my own company, Creative Blueprints, which helps people define and design their lives.

For 11 years I was a member of Vistage, a CEO peer advisory organization. It helped me elevate my leadership skills and style, and boosted my self-confidence. As the CFO of Easterseals New Jersey, I was instrumental in helping the company grow from $60M in revenues to $180M. I couldn’t have achieved that without the support and guidance from my Vistage group. In fact, in order to ease the burden on my employer and make sure that I kept my membership, I paid for my membership myself. That’s how much I valued the Vistage experience.

Most recently I was called to be a Vistage chair. As a leadership and business coach, national speaker, entrepreneur, author, and board member, it is the perfect next step. I know the power of Vistage and I am thrilled to share it with successful executives and forward-thinking organizations so they can achieve their fullest potential. Through Vistage, I facilitate exclusive peer advisory group meetings and provide one-to-one coaching.

I welcome people who are driven to succeed and are open to new ideas to help their company grow. Connect with me at cheryl.marksyoung@vistagechair.com.