Our Passion Transfers Into Our Services

Life can feel challenging when you are trying to create the future all by yourself. Our programs are designed to collaborate with you on achieving your dreams. Let us help you create a blueprint for the goals you want to achieve.

Our programs are designed to support you in defining a vision and creating an action plan that will help guide you along the way to achieving your goals. Each of our programs is filled with proven tools and strategies to ensure your success. You will learn how to take control of your life and create the Life You Want to Live.

We also combine Vistage* CEO and Executive Peer Groups into our mix of leadership programs.

Creative Blueprints Monthly Coaching Packages

All monthly packages include:

  • One, two, or four monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly short text and/or email follow-up for check-in, accountability and clarity. 

NOTE: All packages require a three-month commitment paid in advance.


Vistage Peer Group for CEOs

Peer advisory boards for optimizing change, growth and strategic decision-making support by providing a significantly broadened perspective in a confidential learning laboratory

Vistage Peer Group for Key Executives

Peer advisory boards that focus on operational excellence and peer support for supporting members of the leadership team

Vistage Inside Groups

Learning Lab for accelerated leadership team development and alignment by creating dedicated peer advisory groups and expert learning resources within a company

NOTE: Vistage group placement requires membership in Vistage Worldwide.

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