Celebrate The Little Things

When was the last time you celebrated making it to the end of Monday? If you’re like most people, finishing up the first workday of the week simply means you’ve got another four to go. There’s no fanfare or hurrah. There was no real accomplishment. You got up. You did the things you needed to do. It’s just another day logged in the books. Right? 

Sure, most weeks that may be true. Some weeks, however, getting to the end of Monday is a feat and that deserves a little celebration. Odds are, however, that even on those days, there is no flurry of applause. By the end of this article, however, we hope the next Monday you “survive” ends with a bit of pomp and circumstance. 

Small Things Deserve Praise Too

This isn’t really about the Monday-est of Mondays. This is a reminder to celebrate all the wins – the tiny wins. The small wins. The medium-sized wins. And yes, the big wins. Hopefully, you’re good about taking the time to savor the big wins. If not, hopefully you make the commitment to do so going forward, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. This is about taking the time to appreciate every challenge you overcome on your way to the big stuff and every step you’ve outlined as necessary to summit the mountain. You should be stopping and savoring those small wins, too. 

Why Does It Matter?

This isn’t about massaging your ego or making mountains out of molehills. This is about recognizing that big goals are accomplished by completing a series of smaller goals. Did you turn in your first major project in your first class in your graduate degree program? Celebrate it. That degree may be a long way off, especially if you’re balancing a full-time job, a personal life, and classes! 

If you’re waiting for that celebratory exhale when you don your cap and gown, it could be a while. Celebrating the steps along the way – the first paper, the first grade, the first semester down, the first year completed, and so on, can give you the boost to keep pressing forward. It’s a reminder that you are making progress. 

No Goal Too Small

Of course, celebrating wins can lose some of its gleam if we’re constantly in celebration mode. We are talking about recognizing a measure of achievement. On the other hand, there is no win too small to be acknowledged. That may mean you do celebrate getting through a particularly trying day with a modicum of grace and finesse. It may mean you take a moment to really appreciate the great customer review your business just received online. 

Savor, Applaud, and Celebrate

Every win looks different and so should every celebration. Every milestone doesn’t need the big fanfare that may come when you reach that big goal. We’re talking about proportional recognition. Did your small business make its first sale? Text your support network and team and share the good news! Did you finish that massive project you’ve been focused on for longer than you care to remember? Give yourself space to enjoy the moment, which could mean taking a day off to recharge, spending an evening with your favorite wine in a glass and your favorite people around you, or anything in between. 

Pay It Forward

Leaders, don’t keep the celebration to yourself. Make space to recognize the small wins among your team. Did a client give you positive feedback about someone on your staff? Hit your group text or email with a virtual high-five. When your team meets a milestone while working on a big project, take a moment to say thank you and recognize their efforts. Encourage your team to use their PTO days after a particularly intensive stretch of work days. However you choose to do it, make a point to say “Thank you I appreciate you. Job well done.”