Create Impossible to Miss Goals

It’s no secret that goal setting is an important component of success. We know we need to set measurable goals and that we need to track our progress towards achieving them. It’s an easy enough recipe, right? Maybe not. There’s a little more to it than simply drawing a line in the sand and gunning for it. Follow these four steps to set yourself up for a win.

Make it something you’re passionate about.

Are you setting goals that you think you should be aiming for or are you setting goals that you want to reach? Is your goal to climb the corporate ladder within your current profession? Are you setting that goal because it’s a natural progression and you should have designs on upward trajectory within your career, or are you setting the goal because you want to reach the higher rung? Be honest with yourself on this one. Goals that don’t excite you are less likely to be achieved. You need to be invested in the outcome.

Get it in writing.

Study after study shows that writing down your goal makes it much more likely of achieving it. Put pen to paper and keep it somewhere you’re going to see it.

Make a road map to follow.

Identifying your goal is just the first step. Without a clear action plan on how you’re going to get there, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Making a goal to lose 20 pounds is fantastic, but just saying you’re going to shave off the love handles isn’t going to make it so. How are you going to achieve it? You need to make a plan to change your eating habits and increase your activity. Go back to that piece of paper you wrote your goal on; add your action plan below it.

Make your goals and your action plan specific.

“I want to learn a new skill.” Sound like a good goal? Think again. Nebulous goals are easy to overlook. Your goals need some meat on the bones. “I want to learn JavaScript and successfully code a functional web site to promote my design business” is a better goal. You can craft an action plan with measurable milestones for this goal.

Bonus tip:

Sharing your goal with someone else makes your goal real and you accountable to it. It’s easy to push our targets out or forget a goal altogether when we’re aiming for our achievements in solitude. We can fudge a deadline that only we know about. Bringing in an ally can keep you on task. Find yourself a cheerleader: someone who will nudge you into action if you drop the ball or can bolster your confidence in a moment of self-doubt. Start by leaving a comment here. Tell me your goal and how you’re going to achieve it. Need more support in getting to your finish line? I’m here to help. Contact my office for a chat: 917-992-2928. Or email