PMS and a Happy Family

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Multiply that nasty mood swing by a power of 20 if you experience a case of really bad PMS. This is what happened to me this past week. Normally a calm and easy-going person, I felt my crankiness swinging to the front of my day. Unfortunately for my son and my husband we were also snow bound and stuck in doors for the day. Fortunately for all of us I am aware of my own mood swings and apologized in advance to my husband explaining what I thought was happening.

My husband was grateful for the warning as it helped him to know how to take care of himself opposite my mood. By acknowledging my situation we were able to make it safely through the week without a major argument. Often times we do not know our own bodies and find ourselves in sudden arguments with our families without a clue as to what started the argument. Life can be managed with more ease when we are personally more aware of ourselves and our bodies.

Think of a time when you were angry at your family and not sure what had caused that reaction. What were the circumstances and how did you handle things? How did you feel about yourself and about your family?

This week, I encourage you to pay attention to your body and how it impacts your moods. Take notes and see if you can find a special pattern that may help you avoid unnecessary family conflicts.

Until next week,